3rd ASEAN Textile Symposium

This month the ASEAN Textile Art Community (ASEAN TTAC) will hold the 3rd ASEAN Traditional Textile Symposium at Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia. The event shall showcase various¬†traditional textiles produced in the ASEAN region such as songket, ikat, batik, tenun sutra including the new innovations introduced in their production. This year’s theme is entitled:¬†Satu Rumpun, Satu Warisan or “One Root, Shared Heritage.”

The idea for a traditional textile art group in ASEAN was rooted on December 2005 during the 1st Symposium on ASEAN Traditional Textiles. A provisional group within the Himpunan Wastraprema, the traditional textile society of Indonesia, was formed to oversee the feasibility of such an organization and fulfillment of legal requirements in the country of registration.

The ASEAN Traditional Textile Arts Community (ASEAN TTAC) was launched in Manila, Philippines on February 2009 during the 2nd Symposium on ASEAN Traditional Textiles and an Agreement on the Est ablishment, Organization and Management of the ASEAN TTAC was signed by representatives of 8 of the 10 ASEAN countries, along with the support of various participants from other parts of Asia, Australia, Europe and north America.

ASEAN TTAC was formally registered as a networking organization in Jakarta, Indonesia on 16 April 2010, with the formal signing of documents witnessed by the 1st President (region-wide) of ASEAN TTAC.
Having fulfilled all requirements for registration, ASEAN TTAC is now poised to apply to the ASEAN Secretariat for formal affiliation.


  • To harness the creative energies of Southeast Asian textiles artisans for their benefit and that of their communities
  • To recognize the importance of cultural diversities existing in the respective textile producing communities of Southeast Asia.
  • To facilitate community-based development strategies to fully maximize human and economic resources.


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